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Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, raised all across the island’s metropolitan area, in love with the movies from Day One, started writing my first film reviews and short stories and poems for my high school newspaper. Little did I know that what became an extracurricular activity at school would turn into a full time career…even though I wanted to venture into video production. An entertainment reporter for ¡Exito! and then HOY, later a Senior Editor in charge of features and arts and entertainment for all three editions of HOY (NY, LA and Chicago), I became the editor of the now sadly defunct Café Magazine in 2008, where I took my first stab at original online publishing. I wrote film reviews for CityVida, a Chicago-based entertainment site aimed at bilingual and bicultural Latinos, and am currently writing reviews for Gozamos.com and efilmcritic.com.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Rina Aguilar said:

    Excelente articulo de calle 13, felicitaciones al igual que ellos dices cosas que muchos no quieren escuchar.

  2. I found your article through a link that René Pèrez posted on his Twitter referring to it as a good read. I love your analysis of why Calle13 is at the forefront of musical criticism and controversy in Puerto Rico. I’m Puerto Rican and I have really come to adore Calle 13 in the past year and a half since studying indigenous (Quechua) people in Perú and the injustices they face trying to balance between a traditional culture and that of a new, globalized mainstream in the metropolis of Lima. I did this all through photojournalism, so reading your article makes me feel proud of that and inspires me to keep pursuing my dream to fight social and political injustice in Latin America.

    • Patricia y Rina: Thanks for your comments! I do believe that most people in the island truly underestimate René’s, Eduardo’s and Ileana’s talent. I am also amazed at how efficiently and intelligently they have used the web and social media not only to promote their work and their ideas, but those of others. And there is so much happening in the Puerto Rican alternative scene that no other media is covering (or for that matter in the world music scene).

      One other thought: Calle 13 is really breaking the boundaries of the insularismo to which we Puerto Ricans (and any other islanders) are still a victim of. They show that the island is not the center of the universe but part of the universe.

  3. Eduardo Aguilar said:

    Muy buen Artículo el de Calle 13! Me encantó.
    Saludos desde Argentina.

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